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Professional precision forging, casting various stainless steel, alloy steel, copper and other medium and large forging, castings, valves production.

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Cultural Concept

Improve the concentration of the foundry industry and overcome the production technology of high-end key castings and valves

Strategic Development

After several stages of germination, development, rise and maturity, the foundry industry is entering an era of competition and adjustment.Yayida always adheres to the basic policy of “innovation-driven, quality-first, green development, structural optimization, and talent-oriented”.Based on the principle of “problem-oriented, combination of production and demand, collaborative innovation, and key breakthroughs”,Efforts will be made to break the bottleneck of the independent casting manufacturing of key castings that restrict the development of the industry, and establish and improve the basic technological innovation system.Improve the technical level of casting technology and independent manufacturing capabilities, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in accordance with the new industrial development goals.

Team Building

Today, when corporate competition rises to talent competition,Yayida must rely on the "people-oriented" team spirit, establish a good corporate culture, do a good job in internal production management, improve production efficiency and service quality, create greater value space through talent development, and promote enterprises to "diversify and systematize" The road of scale has developed rapidly.